The largest muscle in the human body is called the gluteus maximus and this is sited in the bums, whereas the smallest muscle in the human body is the stapedius which is sited in the middle ear. Muscles are found all over the body. A muscle is a tissue made up of the tough, elastic fibers that help body parts to move. As we grow, the muscles also grow and get bigger. Muscle makes up approximately the partial body weight of an adult. The human body has beyond 600 major muscles and nearly 240 of them have a particular name. There are two main types of muscles:

  1. Skeletal muscles.
  2. Smooth muscles.

Another kind of muscle, called cardiac muscle, share characteristics of both skeletal and smooth muscles only found in the heart. Humans use muscles to perform numerous activities.


Midst the most commanding muscles are the masseters, each on a respective side of the face. The longest muscle is the sartorius which tracks from the side of the waist, obliquely down across the front of the Femur to the inside of the knee.