The smallest bone of our body is called the Stirrup or Stapes. It is in the middle ear and it carries sound signals to the brain. At only 3 mm (1/8 inch) long, the stirrup is almost the size of a grain of rice. The footplate of the stirrup bone is attached to a membrane called the oval window, which takes to the inner ear. It is connected to two other very tiny bones called the Hammer or Malleus and the Anvil or Incus. All three of these bones are linked to the eardrum, where sound is collected before it is sent in the form of nerve signals to the brain. The ear is a very important organ keeping our sense of balance, we could not hold our body steady, and we would stagger and fall when we tried to move.Where is the smallest bone in our body?

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Some people suffer from motion sickness when they travel by boat, car, train or airplane. Motion sickness is caused by excessive stimulation of the vestibular organs. But researchers do not know why some people develop motion sickness more easily than others.