This year, Coronavirus has become a hot subject. It is not because the virus is developing a fear, but because that it may spread to a mass scale with the smallest quantity of deficiency of caution. To prevent it from spreading, you need to take care of certain things in your daily life. But prior to knowing the tricks to avoid it, you want to get an idea about the virus itself.

Coronavirus, a mysterious virus whose name was not known a couple of months back, is trending and going viral these days. Spreading fear among the people, this respiratory virus has hampered the economies and lifestyles of different individuals belonging to different countries. You will see people wearing masks and keeping a proper distance from different people, which will be making this scenario a little scary than previously.

What is Coronavirus?

As the virus was discovered in 2019, it is also called COVID-19. The virus has been previously not identified in humans. The germ is thought to be transmitted between animals, and people and so are Zoonotic.

Coronavirus precautions have been followed by family members to ensure this respiratory disease doesn’t make their loved ones sick. Coronavirus Precautions are being executed amidst lockdown to include the spread of COVID-19. A quick Test kit for Coronavirus is also being set up in the market for monitoring and surveillance from containment zones and hotspots of the nation.

Coronavirus Precautions

People depicting COVID-19 symptoms are demonstrating a growing tendency. The initiation of human trials for the testing of the Coronavirus vaccine is a sigh of relief for most nations. Until the growth, precautionary measures should be followed to combat the infection brought on by COVID-19. As always, we state,” Prevention is far better than cure,” these steps can help us to protect our loved ones from becoming sick amidst lockdown.

1. Social Distancing is a vital precaution that needs to be followed to prevent the community spread of this virus.

2. Individuals staying at home through this lockdown will also be helping the authorities to operate on containment strategies for controlling the spread of Coronavirus.

3. Certain citizens may fall ill as a result of COVID-19 disease. You shouldn’t worry, inform the regional authorities, and adhere to the treatment instructions.

4. Washing hands with soap and water for 20 minutes stop the increase of the virus. You can also alcohol-based sanitizer. Do not touch your face and mouth without disinfecting your hands.

5. According to WHO, the virus may remain on surfaces for 8-9 hours. Clean the commonly influenced surfaces of their household with cleaning spray or wipes.

6. Prevent social gatherings.

7. Prevent unnecessary travelling until it is a medical crisis.

8. Stay updated with Dos and Don’ts issued by local authorities to stop yourself from becoming infected with Coronavirus.

Focus on Immunity

Having a proper sleep, eating the proper diet, staying hydrated, and doing a small exercise can enable you to tackle this COVID-19 pandemic. Also, home-made remedies for treating initial cold and cough symptoms can be used. A more powerful immune individual may address SARS-CoV-2 at a much more effective method.

Stay Home Stay Safe!

People, let us stay at home amidst lockdown and play our role to combat coronavirus disease. Stepping from our houses can make us sick and may increase the community spread of Coronavirus. Our joint efforts can defeat Coronavirus.

What are the Symptoms of COVID-19?

Every disease bears some basic signals that are necessary to identify whether or not a person is affected by that disease or not. CoV also has a few common indications. The symptoms include cough, fever, and shortness of breath, or breathing problems. There can be more severe situations, where the disease leads to pneumonia, acute and severe respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, etc.. Each one of these signals is highly acute and lead to death.

How can the virus be prevented from spreading?

Know the tricks and stick to the ideas to avoid the virus from spreading. The intent is to triumph over the pandemic war. So, here are some tips to be followed.

1. Wash your hands frequently– Regular and thorough cleaning of your hands with soap and water is very important. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers will also be of good use in this case. This process helps to get rid of the virus that may spread through your hands.
2. Keep up a good space of 1 meter or 3 feet roughly – Keep a safe distance of a meter from the person who is sneezing or coughing. During coughing or coughing, little liquid droplets are sprayed through the mouth and nose. Today, an infected person will spread the virus through these small liquid droplets. When you become near the individual, you will breathe the droplets such as the COVID-19.
3. Prevent touching the nose, mouth, and eyes with hands– Hands will be the section of the body that is used for multiple activities and, as a result, rolls numerous surfaces. When the hands get contaminated, you can transfer the virus into your eyes, mouth, or nose. These three would be the entry point of the virus into your body, and so will make you sick.
4. Practice good hygiene and consult a doctor if needed– Whenever you cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with a bent elbow or with a tissue. Eliminate the used tissue immediately. In case you’ve got a fever, cough, or difficulty in breathing, then visit your nearest medical center and request medical assistance.