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Where does the digestion start?

Where does the Digestion start? | How it works?

Digestion starts in the mouth. Chewing is essential for proper digestion. When chewed food is ground into fine particles, the digestive juices can act...
Where is the Epiglottis?

Where is the Epiglottis? – How it works?

The epiglottis is found in the throat. The throat is a term loosely applied to the part of the neck in front of the...
Where does Digestion complete?

Where does Digestion complete?

In the small intestine, the digestive process is completed on the partly digested food by pancreatic juice, intestinal juice and bile. The pancreatic juice...
Where is urine stored ?

Where is urine stored ? – Urinary System Anatomy

Urine is stored in your bladder. The bladder is the common name for the urinary bladder. It is a hollow muscular organ that stores...
Where would you find Nephrons?

Where would you find Nephrons ? – Structure and Functions

 Nephrons are found in the kidneys. They are millions of tiny filtering units. The renal artery brings unfiltered blood to the kidneys. It branches...
Coccyx - Small Tailbone

Where is the Coccyx (Small Tailbone)? – Anatomy and Functions

The Coccyx is triangular arrangements of bone situated at the base of the spine below the sacrum. Since it represents vestigial (no longer necessary...
Where are the Metacarpals?

Where are the Metacarpals? – Metacarpus (palm bones)

The metacarpals are bones in the human hand. The hand consists of the carpals (wrist bones), the metacarpals (palm bones), and the phalanges (four...
Where are the Vertebrae ?

Where are the Vertebrae or Vertebra?

The Vertebra (Latin name: Vertebrae) forms a column of bones in the spine. The spine is the part of the skeleton that extends down...
Where is the Humerus bone?

Where is the Humerus bone? – Upper Arm Bone

The humerus bone is in the arm. The elbow is the joint that connects a person's upper arm Humerus with the forearm. The humerus...
where is the mandible located?

Mandible Bone – Where Is The Mandible Located? – Fact About Mandible

The mandible is located inferiorly in the facial skeleton. It is the largest and strongest bone of the skull and holds the lower teeth...